Dee Snider on Why Lemmy May Have Been an Actual Angel

"My god, he showed up at a time when we desperately needed someone"

Dee Snider Lemmy Kilmister

When we think of angels descending from the heavens, white robes and giant wings are among the first images that come to mind. But it just might be that angels appear as chain-smoking, jack-and-coke-drinking rock stars. And in that case, Lemmy Kilmister would’ve been the ultimate angel.

As Dee Snider tells us in the video above, Lemmy may in fact have been an angel. The Twisted Sister singer gives us a pretty convincing argument as to why that could be the case, explaining how the Motörhead frontman touched so many people during his time on Earth.

Lemmy played a vital role in Twisted Sister’s career, helping them win over tough crowds in England by appearing with them onstage on multiple occasions, including the night they got a record deal. But it was after Lemmy’s memorial that Dee’s wife, Suzette, suggested that the rock legend may have been a real-life angel.

“We were at the Lemmy memorial, and everybody was there,” recalls Snider. “Ozzy {Osbourne], and Gene [Simmons], and Slash and Dave Grohl. His shoemaker was there. … Everybody got up and started speaking about how Lemmy had touched their lives.”

He continues, “And my wife is spiritual, not a holy roller, she’s spiritual, and she turns to me on the way home and says, ‘I think Lemmy was an angel’.” And I was like, ‘What are you talking about?’ And she goes, ‘Well, there’s a belief that God sends down angels who walk amongst us to help us on our journey. And if you think about all the stories that Grohl told, and Duff [McKagan] told … they all told these stories about how Lemmy had touched their lives.'”

Snider concludes, “I don’t know if he was an angel, but he was to Twisted Sister, My god, he showed up at a time when we desperately needed someone to get us over the finish line, and that was Lemmy.”

Lemmy passed away at the age of 70 on December 28th, 2015 from a combination of cancer, congestive heart failure, and cardiac arrhythmia.

See Dee Snider tell his full Lemmy story in the video above, followed by the first part of our interview, in which Snider discusses his new concert album, For the Love of Metal Live, and his thoughts on President Trump’s handling of the pandemic.

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