Foo Fighters Reveal Their Favorite Concert Memories: Exclusive

We caught the band on the red carpet premiere of their new movie, Studio 666

Foo Fighters favorite concerts

Consequence caught up with Foo Fighters on the red carpet premiere of their new horror film, Studio 666. During our brief chat, Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, Chris Shiflett, and Nate Mendel each shared their favorite concert memory.

Hawkins picked Foo Fighters’ show at Madison Square Garden last year, which marked the first at-capacity concert at the venue since the beginning of the pandemic: “That was a special moment for me,” recalled Hawkins.

Shiflett and Mendel look back fondly on Foo Fighters’ performances on Saturday Night Live. “Playing Saturday Night Live the day that they announced the victory for Biden” was a special one for Mendel, while Shiflett noted the time the band backed Mick Jagger.

As for Grohl, “Breaking my leg — that was my favorite Foo Fighters show of all time. I swear to God — it’s my favorite show we’ve ever played.”

We also got Grohl on record when it comes to fake blood or fake vomit. “Fake vomit. Fake puke, man… I had to do-there’s a vomit scene and there’s [exaggerated puke sound]. It’s a lot of vomit, and they had to feed me this stuff that was like yogurt, and oatmeal, and I had to put it in my mouth. It almost made me really vomit. Fake blood is gross, though.”

In Studio 666, Grohl and the other Foos play themselves as the band attempts to record their 10th album in a haunted Encino mansion — because it’s a horror movie, things go badly for them as well as co-stars Jeff Garlin, Leslie Grossman, Will Forte, and Whitney Cummings. The film makes its theatrical debut on Friday, February 25th.

To coincide with the release of Studio 666, Grohl is planning to release a thrash metal album under the name Dream Widow.

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