Geese Play a Game of Band or Sham

Our November Artist of the Month test their knowledge of obscure band names

geese artist of the month band or sham

No member in the band Geese is yet in their 20s, yet November Artist of the Month have made a name for themselves as some of the most musically informed teens you’ll ever meet. Their music references everyone from Television to Pink Floyd, and they all profess a love for diving deep into the album archives of history.

So when we sat down to talk with the Brooklyn five-piece about their debut album, Projector, we thought we’d put their music knowledge to the test with a game of “Band or Sham.” We presented the group with five different band names, three of which were actually artists from various decades and genres, two of which were complete shams.

Did we catch Geese sleeping, or did they fly through this quiz of music mastery? Check out the video above to see.

Afterwards, check out our review of Projector, and snag tickets to Geese’s upcoming tour here.


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