Gerber & Gerber: War Dogs

War Dogs or Snore Dogs? The Gerbers debate

Inspired by Siskel & Ebert, the city of Chicago, and some brotherly love comes Gerber & Gerber, an original movie review web series staring Justin Gerber and Mac Gerber. Twice a month, the brothers share their take on Hollywood’s newest films.

On today’s episode, the Gerbers dissect Miles Teller and Jonah Hill action-comedy, War Dogs, inspired by the true story of two arms dealers who receive a government contract to supply weapons for U.S. troops in Afghanistan. As you’ll see in the video above, Justin is convinced that director Todd Phillips, known for The Hangover trilogy, botched his chance to create a Big Short-esque film. Mac, meanwhile, believes that War Dogs a fun movie that makes a topic like gun running easier to understand. Let us know who you agree with in the comments below.

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