HAERTS prove why they’re #NextUp with this fierce performance of “Heart”

Though they all reside in Brooklyn, the four members of indie-pop band HAERTS originally hail from parts of Germany, England, and the Northeast. Since coming together, they’ve embarked on quite a whirlwind journey. They’ve toured the world and released last year’s excellent Hemiplegia EP, which earned them a contract with Columbia Records.

Later this year, HAERTS will release their debut full-length. In the meantime, however, they have one more destination in mind: their debut at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival. In celebration of their sudden dart into the mainstream, Dodge has named the satiny slow-jammers as one of several rising talents in its #NextUp campaign.

Before you check them out during Bonnaroo, Dodge is giving you an inside look at HAERTS with an in-studio performance and Q&A. Watch as the band unravels their unassuming and romantic ballad “Heart” (get it?) in the middle of a church. This unique setting adds a kind of theatricality and seriousness to their otherwise sentimental sound.

For the Q&A portion (below), the band discusses its international origins, the prospect of playing Bonnaroo, the influence of classical music and opera on their collective sound, their shared love of melodies, their five-year plan, how they see themselves as friends over bandmates, whether or not Mozart really is their biggest influence, and much more.


For more on HAERTS, and other artists in #NextUp, head here. Dodge is also helping to hook you up with even more festival coverage via their “Darting to Festivals” campaign, which you can further explore here.


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