Home Alone and Home Sweet Home Alone Frame-By-Frame Proves How Similar They Really Are

The new movie is technically a reboot, but it sure looks like a remake

home alone home sweet home alone side by side comparison trailer video movie disney plus

Disney+ recently shared the first trailer for Home Sweet Home Alone, a new reboot of the classic Home Alone franchise. But after taking a closer look at the preview, “remake” may be a more accurate description.

The trailer introduced Max Mercer, a 10-year-old British boy played by Jojo Rabbit actor Archie Yates. Left home during Christmas vacation as his family jets off to Japan, young Max is forced to defend his home when two would-be crooks (Ellie Kemper and Rob Delaney) break into his home to steal a family heirloom.

Sure, those names and story points may be slightly different, but the whole plot is essentially just a rehashing of the first Home Alone. In fact, when you compare the Home Sweet Home Alone trailer side by side with the original film, it’s insane how similar they are. The beats are all there — family rushing to airport, kid discovering he’s home alone, robbers casing the joint, even kid blasting robber in the head with a toy gun — just now they’re coming at you with a cute little British accent.

Don’t believe us? Check out the side-by-side video above to see just how close Home Sweet Home Alone is to Home Alone, minus the Culkin.


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