I Just Don’t Like The Beatles

(Ed. note: The views and opinions expressed in this video do not reflect, in any way, the opinions of Consequence of Sound or Rock it Out! Blog. The opinions solely belong to the individual.)

Are you someone alone in thinking that a seemingly universally loved band just isn’t that good? We’re here to offer a voice for you. I Just Don’t Like is a segment that highlights people who don’t get the hype surrounding bands that everyone else tends to lose their minds over.

Courageous souls have previously come out of hiding to reveal their disdain for Radiohead, Jack White, Mac DeMarco, and Animal Collective. Now, a man named Drew risks his life to explain why The Beatles have never clicked with him. While Drew respects the Fab Four, and their contribution to rock music, he explains how the makers of hits like “Yesterday” and “Come Together” dissuade him from wanting to take a Magical Mystery Tour through their catalog.

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