Incubus’ Brandon Boyd on His New Solo Album and Arts Collective

"There was just so much sound and imagery and inspiration ... flowing through me and flowing out of me"

Brandon Boyd

This year is proving to be fruitful one for Incubus singer Brandon Boyd, as he releases a new solo album, Echoes and Cocoons, and launches the Moonlight Arts Collective, featuring an eclectic mix of artists from various backgrounds.

Echoes and Cocoons, out March 11th, marks Boyd’s first solo album in more than a decade, following 2010’s The Wild Trapeze — although he did team up with producer Brendan O’Brien on the Sons of the Sea project in 2013.

Heavy Consequence caught up with Boyd over video Zoom to discuss the new album, as well as the aforementioned arts collective he recently co-founded.

As for his inspiration to write and record a new solo album, Boyd told us, “We were in the first months of the proper lockdown part of the pandemic. And there was just so much sound and imagery and inspiration, for very different reasons, flowing through me and flowing out of me. I was really hoping for a place to put it and try and make sense of such a strange experience.”

Boyd then reached out to producer John Congleton, and the two began “exchanging musical ideas.” From there, Echoes and Cocoons was off and running.

When we mentioned to Boyd that there is a theatrical element to the album that reminded us a bit of David Bowie’s music, he responded, “First of all, I really appreciate that comparison. Bowie, for much of my life, has just been a fascination for me. … There are moments where you’re listening to [his music] and asking yourself “[Was] he even from the same planet as the rest of us?”

Meanwhile, Boyd’s Moonlight Arts Collective focuses on artists who do visual work outside of their main gigs, as in “musicians who paint, actors who make sculptures, [and] athletes that create photography.”

“Moonlight Arts Collective has been a labor of love over the last year and a half. It’s another thing that was kind of born of sitting still, trapped at home,” Boyd explained to us. “It’s really gratifying to not only have this career in music but to also be forging ahead with a career as a visual artist.”

Watch Part 1 of our video interview with Brandon Boyd above for more on his new album, including the inspiration behind the singles “Dime in My Dryer” and “Pocket Knife.” And stay tuned for Part 2 of the interview, where the focus shifts to Incubus and their plans for 2022.

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