COVID-EODROME: Shirley Director Josephine Decker and Dreamland Actor Stephen McHattie

Co-hosts Clint Worthington and Scout Tafoya also discuss the events of the past week

Shirley Director Josephine Baker and Dreamland actor Stephen McHattie

COVID-EODROME hosts Clint Worthington and Scout Tafoya discuss the events of the past week in the wake of George Floyd’s death and the ensuing protests for racial justice, and what we all can do to help.

Then, the two talk to Shirley director Josephine Decker about her latest film (now available on Hulu), and chat with Canadian screen legend Stephen McHattie about his dual role in Pontypool director Bruce McDonald’s Dreamland (out on VOD).

If you want to get more involved in positive change amid our current political moment, stay vigilant, open your eyes and ears, uplift Black voices, and open your purse to aid any of these wonderful organizations:

Black Lives Matter Resources List

— Black Trans Protestors Fund:
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Homeless Black Transwomen Fund

Black Trans Travel Fund

Emergency Release Fund

LGBTQ Freedom Fund

Marsha P Johnson Institute

Trans Justice Funding

The Okra Project

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Trans Cultural District

LGBT Books to Prisoners

House of GG


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