Jordana on Radiohead’s OK Computer: First Time I Heard

May Artist of the Month Jordana digs into the seminal album

jordana first time i heard

As Radiohead‘s seminal OK Computer turns 25 this month, Jordana, our May Artist of the Month, sits down to gush about the first time she came across the legendary album.

“Everyone wants to sound like Radiohead,” Jordana tells Consequence, “including me.” From genre-fusion to track sequencing, the indie pop artist runs through the many reasons OK Computer continues to resonate a quarter-century on.

In 2017, Radiohead celebrated OK Computer‘s 20th anniversary with the expanded OKNOTOK edition, which included b-sides and unreleased material. Five years later, the record is still more than worthy of celebration.

Watch Jordana explore the first time she heard OK Computer above.


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