Two for the Road: Lucy Dacus and Indigo de Souza Share Their Best Tour Memories

Lucy Dacus and Indigo de Souza chat for the first time ahead of hitting the road together

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Two for the Road is a series in which two artists touring together chat about playing shows, life backstage, and more. In the latest installment of the series, Lucy Dacus and Indigo de Souza share their excitement ahead of touring together.

This week, Lucy Dacus begins her 2022 tour, rolling out in support of her most recent album, Home Video. For the majority of the North American leg, she’ll be accompanied by Indigo de Souza for a two-artist bill that feels like a no-brainer.  Both artists have a penchant for emotional, honest songwriting and have developed homegrown fanbases drawn to their storytelling.

According to Dacus, numerous people around her began recommending she bring de Souza along for her 2022 headlining tour, all independent of one another. After hearing her name enough times, she looked into her music — and liked what she found. They’re confirmed for a tour together spanning the next few months, but hadn’t spoken to each other personally until they sat down with Consequence.

We caught up with Dacus and de Souza and had the honor of arranging their first face-to-face conversation, albeit a virtual one. The two artists unpack some memories of tours past, plan for some ways to have fun while on the road together (“I bring a mini-keyboard everywhere and just open up Logic and fuck around with sounds,” says de Souza, while Dacus recently “got into doing watercolors”), and learn a bit more about each other.

Watch the full conversation above.

Ed. note: Catch Lucy Dacus and Indigo de Souza sharing the stage by picking up tickets here.


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