Machine Gun Kelly and Mod Sun on Making Good Mourning: “We Just Went Out There, Started Laughing, and Pressed Record”

The musicians and best buds get real about their raucous new stoner comedy

Machine Gun Kelly Mod Sun Interview

It’s a common move for musicians to dip their toe in the filmmaking world — after all, music videos are often full-fledged, multi-day shoots, and demand a very specific aesthetic vision from the artists themselves. For Machine Gun Kelly and Mod Sun, however, they decided to up the ante and make their own feature film, independent from their music careers and featuring their specific band of friends in Hollywood (including Megan Fox, Pete Davidson, and loads of artist cameos).

But rather than foster a more serious vision like Mod and Machine Gun Kelly did for their previous film, Downfalls High, they decided this was the time to just have fun. Their new film, Good Mourning, which both artists wrote and directed together, is a full-on stoner comedy, complete with multiple smoke sessions, munchies, and a clear emphasis on style over substance.

The plot features Machine Gun Kelly (Colson Baker) as the famous actor London Clash, who wakes up to a cryptic text from his girlfriend that ends up taking over his whole day. Baker claims that this narrative was indeed inspired by a real-life text from his real-life fiancée Fox (who does not play his love interest in Good Mourning; that role is dutifully played by Becky G).

But rest assured, the plot is not just about London Clash — his loyal cohort of friends/roommates, which features Mod Sun, GaTa, and Zach Villa, are along for the ride, “helping” the protagonist rekindle his romance and maintain his busy Hollywood schedule. Meanwhile, Dove Cameron plays Clash’s new assistant, and works to keep his agent (played by Whitney Cummings) from ripping his head off.

Overall, this movie is a passion project for Machine Gun Kelly and Mod Sun, because they’re absolutely passionate about getting stoned in mansions, keeping good company, and having Hollywood be their playground. If you’re looking for a new, irreverent stoner comedy for a new generation, then look no further.

Consequence caught up with Machine Gun Kelly and Mod Sun to chat about Good Mourning, the process of making it, and their indestructible friendship. Watch the video above for the full conversation, and check out the film in theaters or on VOD now.


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