Peer 2 Peer: Tegan and Sara and Man on Man Talk Family and Queer Dynamics in Bands, Artistic Evolution, and More

A discussion between two duos deeply rooted in the queer community

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Indie-pop sister duo Tegan and Sara and Man on Man’s Roddy Bottum and Joey Holman could have passed as old friends during their conversation as part of our artist-on-artist interview series, Peer 2 Peer.

The full chat, which features the duos meeting for the first time via Zoom, feels more like a reunion. Not only do all four artists have combined decades of industry experience, the members of both duos are also deeply connected to the LGBTQ+ community: Tegan and Sara share a bit about their Community Grant, which awarded funds to LGBTQ+ communities affected by COVID, and Man on Man discuss their Chosen Family project.

In addition to unpacking what it’s like to be working musicians in the queer community in 2021, the four also explore what it means to take creative risks, the ups and downs of artistic partnerships with loved ones, and potential touring plans.

When it comes to future projects, Man on Man are excited to continue sharing their work with audiences. “Touring is going to happen,” Roddy says. “To be able to rehearse our music and play with other people? It’s so exciting,” confirms Joey.

The future is packed for Tegan and Sara as well. “New record, we’re writing a book, we have an audio series…and our memoir that came out two years ago just got greenlit, so we’re making a TV show,” reveals Tegan.

Tune into the full conversation above for more details and insights from both groups.

Trouble viewing above? Watch the entire interview on YouTube.


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