Mark Lanegan on Somebody’s Knocking, Queens of the Stone Age Memories, and Screaming Trees Legacy

The accomplished rocker also discusses his collaboration with Lamb of God's Mark Morton

mark lanegan 2019 video interview

Mark Lanegan has been going strong in the music industry for 35 years, with his raspy voice and heartfelt songwriting helping to provide the soundtrack for such bands as Screaming Trees and Queens of the Stone Age along the way. Now, he’s gearing up for the next release from his current outfit, the Mark Lanegan Band.

On October 18th, Lanegan will release the new album Somebody’s Knocking, having already released an amusing video for the single “Stitch It Up” featuring actor Donal Logue reprising his Jimmy the Cab Driver character from MTV.

Heavy Consequence caught up with Lanegan at the Sonic Temple Festival in Ohio, where he discussed Somebody’s Knocking, and making the “Stitch It Up Video”.

Regarding the “Stitch It Up” video, Lanegan told us, “It was all just not scripted, and I was laughing all day long. Everything Donal said in character was really funny. It was a good time.”

Lanegan also talked about his recent collaboration with Lamb of God guitarist Mark Morton on the track “Axis” for the latter’s solo album, Anesthetic, saying he got the call from Morton just as he was getting into Lamb of God’s music.

When it comes it his association with Queens of the Stone Age and his relationship with frontman Josh Homme, Lanegan went through a bit of his history with the band and told us, “I’m just there when [Homme] calls. … I love the Queens. I was just talking with Josh yesterday.”

And regarding his now-defunct band Screaming Trees, whom he fronted from 1985 through 2000, Lanegan told us, “I realize there’s people out there who like the music. It’s something I sort of left in its place. … I appreciate the people out there who love the music, and I’m glad it exists. But I’m glad I don’t have to sing it anymore, either.”

Check out our video interview with Mark Lanegan above, and see the music video for “Stitch It Up” below. You can pre-order his new album, Somebody’s Knocking, at this location, and catch him on tour in Europe this fall.


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