Masterpiece Films: Aliens

Grab your flamethrower and head into the heart of James Cameron's sci-fi classic

Albums are hardly the only art form to be declared masterpieces. How many teachers have said the same about books? Or museums with rare art? Films are no different, which is why we brought in the very wise and very noble Leah Pickett to host our most excellent new video series, Masterpiece Films. So, join us in the luxurious Music Box Lounge, where we discuss the greatest stories to ever hit celluloid.

Today’s episode transports you to exomoon LV-426, specifically the comfy confines of terraforming colony Hadleys Hope. Here we’re going to ward of about four dozen xenomorphs and discuss James Cameron’s Aliens, the 1986 blockbuster sequel to Ridley Scott’s terrifying 1979 sci-fi horror epic Alien. Ready? All right, sweethearts, what are you waiting for? Breakfast in bed? Another glorious episode of Masterpiece Films!

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