Masterpiece Reviews: Queens of the Stone Age – “Songs For The Deaf”

Song For the Deaf

Welcome to the latest edition of Masterpiece Reviews. Once again, we’ve thrown on our favorite velvet robe, turned up the fire, and are here to regale you with stories of the greatest and most classic albums of all time. It’s a fresh, new perspective on why these albums are filed under “M” for masterpiece.

Following the release of their sophomore album, Rated R, and touring alongside bands including Hole, Foo Fighters, and Smashing Pumpkins, Josh Homme, Nick Oliveri, and Mark Lanegan returned to the studio to begin work on their follow-up, Songs For The Deaf. Released in 2002, featuring Dave Grohl on drums, as well as a host of other artists from Deen Ween to Twiggy Ramirez, Queens of the Stone Age released an album that would garner them further critical acclaim, as well as earn them their first gold record and introduce them to a global audience with the Grammy-nominated songs “No One Knows” and “Go With The Flow”.

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