Masterpiece Reviews: R.E.M. – “Automatic For The People”

An album full of "pretty fucking weird," pretty fuck great music

Welcome to the latest edition of Masterpiece Reviews. Once again, we’ve thrown on our favorite velvet robe, turned up the fire, and are here to regale you with stories of the greatest and most classic albums of all time. It’s a fresh, new perspective on why these albums are filed under “M” for masterpiece.

In 1991, on the heels of their commercial breakthrough Out Of Time, R.E.M. began work on their eighth studio album, Automatic For The People. The band intended to make faster, more upbeat songs, but once in the studio, they ended up incorporating more acoustic, organ-based elements. While Michael Stipe would describe the material as “pretty fucking weird,” Automatic For the People proved a resounding success for R.E.M., going platinum four times thanks to hit singles like “Drive”, “Everybody Hurts”, and “Man on the Moon”.

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