Masterpiece Reviews: Slayer – “Reign in Blood”

Blast this classic as loud as you can as you throw your horns up and hail Satan

Welcome to the latest edition of Masterpiece Reviews. Once again, we’ve thrown on our favorite velvet robe, turned up the fire, and are here to regale you with stories of the greatest and most classic albums of all time. It’s a fresh, new perspective on why these albums are filed under “M” for masterpiece.

Slayer were already making their mark in the heavy metal scene prior to 1986, but with the release of Reign in Blood, the thrash metal foursome propelled to super stardom. With graphic artwork and lyrics that included descriptions of Nazi torture at the hands of Josef Mengele, the album almost never saw the light of day. But with the help of the album’s producer Rick Rubin, Reign in Blood exploded over the mainstream audience with lightning fast riffs, pounding drum beats, and would help to solidify thrash metal’s identity.

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