Masterpiece Reviews: “The Beach Boys – Pet Sounds”

Celebrate the coming of summer with one of pop music's most classic albums

Welcome to the latest edition of Masterpiece Reviews. Once again, we’ve thrown on our favorite velvet robe, turned up the fire, and are here to regale you with stories of the greatest and most classic albums of all time. It’s a fresh, new perspective on why these albums are filed under “M” for masterpiece.

Staked out in a Los Angeles studio, Brian Wilson painstakingly crafted a sincere, desperately sad, love-torn piece of pop perfection. With Pet Sounds, The Beach Boys took the candy-coated surfer-pop that made them popular and turned it orchestral, baroque, even psychedelic, grounding the crushing, soaring sounds with earnest, down-in the dumps narratives sung by five of the smoothest, brightest voices in music history. Go inside the making of Pet Sounds in the latest episode of Masterpiece Reviews.

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