Masterpiece Reviews: Tom Waits – “Rain Dogs”

You'll want to make yourself a drink before turning on this classic album

Welcome to the latest edition of Masterpiece Reviews. Once again, we’ve thrown on our favorite velvet robe, turned up the fire, and are here to regale you with stories of the greatest and most classic albums of all time. It’s a fresh, new perspective on why these albums are filed under “M” for masterpiece.

In 1984, following the release of his seventh studio album Swordfishtrombones, Tom Waits holed himself up in lower Manhattan for two months to write Rain Dogs. A fusion of rock, blues, and jazz, the album has been described as a story of “the urban dispossessed” with songs like “Clap Hands”, “Singapore”, and “Union Square” which features Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards. Part of a trilogy that also includes Swordfish and 1987’s Franks Wild Years, it’s considered not just one of Waits’ greatest works, but one of the best in music history.

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