Monsta X Play Battle of the Bandmates: Watch

How well do the members of the K-pop group really know each other?

monsta x battle of the bandmates interview game video watch

The members of Monsta X have been together for more than half a decade, and their bond has only continued to grow stronger over the years.

Recently, Monsta X joined Consequence for a chat ahead of the release of their latest album, The Dreaming, in which the members reflected on their time together, the new music, and goals for 2022. “We’ve lived together for almost eight years, since before our debut,” I.M. explains. “We are still living in the same dorm, so I think we are closer than family.”

After so many years in close proximity, there’s been plenty of time for their bond to be tested. “We stay together, we sleep together, we eat together, we do everything together. We’re getting old at the same time,” I.M. confirms.

The group jumped enthusiastically into a new game, Battle of the Bandmates, to explore that team dynamic. (Much to the members’ disappointment, Consequence did not prepare a penalty for wrong answers, or a prize for correct guesses. Maybe next time.)

Watch Monsta X engage in their Battle of the Bandmates above, and catch the full video interview here.


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