Music at the Movies: “Cameron Crowe’s Aloha”

Plus, Blake counts down the director's all-time best soundtracks

Cameron Crowe

Calling all film lovers and music buffs! Welcome to another edition of Music at the Movies. Filmed at Chicago’s JBTV studios, this original series discusses notable Hollywood releases and their corresponding soundtracks.

This week, it’s all things Cameron Crowe as CoS film critic Blake Goble shares his thoughts on the soundtrack for the director’s upcoming film, Aloha. Blake also dives into Crowe’s archives and shares his list of the top five soundtracks from his iconic filmography. Will Almost Famous take the number one spot? Or, will Say Anything’s iconic scene featuring Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” vault it to the top?

Please present your ticket to the usher, purchase all your concessions, and grab a seat because the show is about to start!

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