Music at the Movies: “The Best Horror Film Soundtracks (#5-1)”

Calling all film lovers and music buffs! Welcome to our video series on Consequence of Sound called Music at the Movies. Filmed at Chicago’s Logan Theatre, the series sees host Leah Pickett discuss notable Hollywood releases and their corresponding soundtracks.

Last week, Leah shared entries ten through six in her list of the top ten horror movie soundtracks. With Halloween tomorrow (!), she returns with her top five picks. Find out if Rosemary’s Baby or Suspiria ranks higher on the list. Feel your blood curdle as she tells you which Alfred Hitchcock classic made it into the top five, and debate amongst your zombie friends if her number one pick is the best choice. If you’re looking for music for your Halloween party, pay close attention to this episode.

Please present your ticket to the usher, purchase all your concessions, and grab a seat because the show is about to start!

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