Fan Chant: NCT DREAM on the “Perfect Set List” for Their First US Tour

"NCTzens have become our standard and source of inspiration," says HAECHAN


Photo courtesy of SM Entertainment

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    “For each stage, I try to focus on the song and immerse myself into each of the stage concepts as if I’ve become the track,” says RENJUN, one-seventh of NCT DREAM. “These are the kinds of things I learn most from tour.”

    NCT DREAM are in the midst of a global tour, “THE DREAM SHOW2 : In A DREAM,” their first time as team in the US. Recently, the group sat down with Consequence moments before stepping onstage at their Chicago stop for Fan Chant’s first exclusive video interview. Decked in black and slate gray stage outfits, MARK, RENJUN, JENO, HAECHAN, JAEMIN, CHENLE, and JISUNG reveal that it was tough to sort through their discography and decide what to share with fans, known as NCTzens, during this outing. “We spent a lot of time discussing this together, and I feel like we ended up with the perfect set list,” says JENO.


    “Whenever we’re working on an album or filming content, it’s always with the hope that our NCTzens enjoy it most,” says HAECHAN. “They have become our standard and source of inspiration.”

    The conversation takes place the day MARK releases “Golden Hour,” a playful response to a Twitter exchange from years prior where Gordon Ramsey described his attempt at cooking as a bit less than stellar. “I don’t know how to make eggs,” MARK sings. It begs the question — how does he actually prefer his eggs? “I like omelettes,” he says with a laugh.

    Get additional insights from group regarding tour and hopes for the team going forward in this week’s video chat above.

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