Net Flicks and Chill: Grace and Frankie, Horace and Pete

Do you spend more time looking for something to watch on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon than actually watching? Well this show is for you. Welcome to Net Flicks and Chill, a weekly program that provides recommendations on what to watch, what to avoid, and what you can find if you dig just a bit deeper into the annals of the streaming world.

This week, Blake and Leah do their best to convince you to watch Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda in Netflix’s Grace and Frankie and Louis C.K.’s online sitcom Horace and Pete. They also recommend you dig a bit deeper and check out the independent short film Novocaine by Shanice Allen, go back in time with the CNN documentary series The Sixties and The Seventies, and why HBO’s Vinyl may leave you shrugging your shoulders.

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