Parcels on Releasing Their Double Album Day/Night and Returning to the Road: “It’s a Mixture of Huge Excitement and Nerves”

Day/Night is out November 5th

Parcels Interview

Parcels arrived a few years ago with a fully formed sound, an impressive live show, and with serious ambitions. Their self-titled 2018 debut album was a defining sonic statement for the Australian-but-also-Berlin-based band, as equally intricate as it was emotionally resonant. And these guys can play: amidst four-part harmonies and many layers of sound, Parcels seem to navigate every song with an indestructible groove, balancing complex musicianship with dance-worthy jams.

Their new double album, Day/Night (out November 5th via Because Music), is a major advancement on the Parcels formula, and they’ve imbued these songs with much more heart — and of course, more grooves.

Meanwhile, the band is also back on tour for the first time since January 2020. “It’s such a crazy feeling,” says the band’s Noah Hill. “It’s like a mixture of huge excitement and a bunch of nerves and a little bit of just forgetting what it’s like to be out on the road.”

From the pandemic-related exalt of “Comingback” to the solemn desperation found in “Somethinggreater,” Parcels are dead-set on becoming the best band they possibly can and covering as much authentic territory as they can reach. Though each individual member of the band possesses incredible musicianship and vocal ability, it’s the way they create and move as a unit that sets them apart from their contemporaries.

Consequence sat down to chat with Hill, who plays bass and sings in the band (among other things), about the writing and recording process of Day/Night, playing festivals, and much more. If you didn’t know them before, get to know Parcels now — they’re only getting bigger and more accomplished.

Watch the full interview above.

Catch Parcels on tour; tickets are available via Ticketmaster.


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