Poetry People: La Dispute Performs E.E. Cummings

Vocalist Jordan Dreyer waxes nostalgic at Denver's Seventh Circle Music Collective


La Dispute on Poetry People

    La Dispute recently stopped by Denver’s own Seventh Circle Music Collective. vocalist Jordan Dreyer connected with Consequence of Sound to look back on the poetry that has shaped or influenced him over the years. The first of these poetry readings is E.E. Cummings “Since Feeling is First”.

    Edited and Directed By: Perry Froelich

    Music and Audio Recorded By: Austin Minney

    Cameras Operated By: Tiffany Cronick and Perry Froelich

    Production Assistant: Gala Bfalla

    The Grand Rapids outfit’s fourth studio album Panorama is out now.  La Dispute will be kicking off their European tour on June 21st.

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