Pom Pom Squad Is Our June Artist of the Month: Interview

Mia Berrin discusses her early influences and self-fulfilling ambitions

pom pom squad artist of the month+

Consequence met with Mia Berrin of Pom Pom Squad, our June 2021 Artist of the Month, to talk everything cheerleaders and high-femme indie rock.

In an exclusive video interview, Berrin walks us through her journey as an artist, from early half-formed ideas about starting a “non-men band,” to grabbing the Pom Pom Squad social media handles long before putting out any music, to landing SXSW showcases and collaborating with Tegan Quin of Tegan and Sara. She also talks about the band’s debut album, Death of a Cheerleader (released June 25th, 2021), and plans for the future.

Check out the full interview above.


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