Portugal. The Man on Returning to the Road and Why They Love Festivals: “Chill Vibes Only”

Zach Carothers and Eric Howk discuss touring and their live album, Oregon City Sessions

Portugal The Man

Like most bands, Portugal. The Man have largely been off the road since March 2020. After a smattering of shows beginning in July, though, the group is energized and ready for more. In a time where live music has been tricky to find for the last 18 months, Portugal. The Man are intent on celebrating.

“We’ve been doing this for a long time, we’ve played a lot of shows,” says the band’s bassist Zach Carothers. “We gotta keep things interesting, and the best way to do that is just have fun with yourself and your friends, and try to make yourself happy. And we like throwing back to shit we used to listen to, and just show people a little bit of where we come from… So that’s why we cover Metallica, that’s why we throw in some Pantera, and Slayer, and Wu-Tang.”

Aside from their favorite covers, after nearly 14 years together, Portugal. The Man have quite a catalog of their own; that’s demonstrated by their frequent festival appearances as well as this year’s live album, Oregon City Sessions.

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When catching up with Carothers and guitarist Eric Howk, it’s clear that Portugal. The Man’s music is rooted deeply in positivity and love, for each other and for the experience of live music.

Above, check out the video of our conversation with Portugal. The Man, in which they discuss touring and their favorite festivals, and watch Part 1 of the interview here.


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