“Anarchy at the Bar: Punk Rock Karaoke”

On today’s episode of Rock it Out! Blog, Sami chats with Kaleb Asplund, the founder of Karaoke Underground. The Austin-based company caters to the punk and indie crowd who love to scream, yelp, croon, bark and sometimes even sing their favorites from artists like Black Flag, Modest Mouse, The Misfits, Cat Power, Pixies, Dead Kennedys, Sleater-Kinney, Pavement, Joy Division, Fugazi, Guided By Voice, and more.

Asplund discusses his karaoke roots and why he feels it’s important to have a place where people can sing punk rock and indie-rock songs instead of the usual karaoke fare. He also gives a brief history of Karaoke Underground and reveals which real-life musicians have taken part in the fun.

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