Refused’s Dennis Lyxzén Explains Socialism to American Voters

"Bernie has a lot of those ideas, [but] it is going to be difficult [to convince people] in America"

Refused's Dennis Lyxzén talks Socialism
Refused’s Dennis Lyxzén

Socialism has become a hot topic in the Unites States, with Bernie Sanders currently seeking the Democratic nomination for U.S. president. One person who has been preaching socialism through his music for more than a quarter century is Refused frontman Dennis Lyxzén, who took a little time to break down the sociopolitical philosophy for Heavy Consequence and the American voting public.

As Bernie Sanders, a democratic socialist, battles Joe Biden, a moderate Democrat, for the chance to face off against Donald Trump, the term “socialism” has been debated among politicians, pundits and voters alike. Some have gone so far as to call it a form of communism.

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Lyxzén to discuss Refused’s latest album, War Music, as well as other key moments in the Swedish hardcore band’s career. During the conversation, we asked the singer to describe “socialism” for the American public as voters continue to cast their ballots in the Democratic primaries.

“Socialism is basically the idea that we need to live in an economical system based on our needs, and not based on corporate needs or based on profits,” Lyxzén tells us in the video above. “The basic foundation is if you are strong, you can help people who are less fortunate than you.”

He adds, “Socialism is about the redistribution of wealth, so that everybody can live a good life, everybody could have a good apartment, everybody could have a good job. If you get sick, you’ll have a doctor. … Bernie has a lot of those ideas, [but] it is going to be difficult [to convince people] in America, because the idea of freedom of choice kind of trumps everything in this country.”

Stay tuned for our full video interview with Lyxzén about the band’s latest album, their return after a long breakup, other sociopolitical topics he tackles in his music, and more.

For now, see Dennis Lyxzén share more of his thoughts on socialism in the video above, and pick up or stream Refused’s latest album, War Music, via various outlets.

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