Rock it Out! Blog: “A Conversation With Scott Stapp”

If you’ve followed the Rock it Out! Blog for the length of its existence, you’ll know that host Sami Jarroush has a special place in his heart for Creed frontman Scott Stapp. He’s impersonated him quite a few times over the years and interviewed him once for ABC News Radio. But now, after five years, the two finally met for an in-depth conversation and we got it all on camera.

Stapp, who is currently touring behind his sophomore solo album, Proof Of Life, discusses why Creed didn’t get back together after their 2011 release, Full Circle, and why the band is a constant target for mockery. He also goes into detail about having his life saved by rapper T.I. after nearly dying at a hotel in Miami, why he has compassion for Justin Bieber, his singing style and the comparisons to Eddie Vedder, his relationship with 311, and why he wrote the song “Marlins Will Soar” for the now Miami Marlins.

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