Rock it Out! Blog: “A Lesson In Stage Diving With Andrew W.K.”

Let’s face it. If you’ve never taken part in a mosh pit or attempted to dive off of a stage, your first time can be quite nerve wracking. Will you get hurt? Will anyone catch you as you fly through the air? When is the best time to take part in either of these activities? Never fear, noob! We here at the Rock it Out! Blog have got you covered.

On today’s episode, Sami has party enlists Andrew W.K. and Noisey Editor Dan Ozzi go over the tricks of the trade so your stage diving and moshing experiences will be top notch. Get insight as they share their own personal experiences and injuries, discuss what not to do so you don’t become the jerk of the audience, and why stage diving and moshing can be important parts of a show.

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