Rock it Out! Blog: “Adam Lefkoe Talks RapCast”

When’s the last time you actually sat down and watched the evening news? In this day and age of information streaming online so quickly and constantly, you pretty much know everything the news anchors are going to cover before they’re even on the air. But what if that information was presented in a much more entertaining manner? That’s where WHAS-11 sportscaster/viral video star Adam Lefkoe comes in.

On today’s Rock it Out! Blog, Sami speaks with the Louisville, KY anchor and Internet sensation about his “RapCast”, where Lefkoe managed to deliver sports highlights and stats while seamlessly injecting 46 hip-hop references.

They also discuss the University of Louisville Cardinals/Rutgers Scarlet Knights rivalry, the best type of music to listen to before watching your favorite team, and who to start this week on your fantasy football team (looks like T.Y. Hilton is the go-to stud).

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