Rock it Out! Blog: “#AreaCode – Mister Lies”

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Are you someone that looks for new bands each day? Do you find yourself using the phrase “I knew them before they were big” in conversations? Well, then this show’s for you. Welcome to #AreaCode, a brand new series on the Rock it Out! Blog that focuses on up and coming bands and artists from around the country.

On this episode, we stay in the comfortable confines of Chicago for a visit with Nick Zanca, the mastermind behind the electronic project Mister Lies. In addition to performing his single “Hounded” from his debuy LP Mowgli, Zanca spoke to us about what he listens to when he’s not producing, how the Chicago electronic scene helped certain styles of music to flourish in the city, and why he doesn’t try to pigeonhole his music into a certain genre.

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