Rock it Out! Blog: “#AreaCode – Strawberry Girls”

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Are you someone hungry for new ear candy each day? Do you find yourself muttering, “I knew them before they were big,” to nauseating effect in conversations? Welcome to #AreaCode, a new series on the Rock it Out! Blog that focuses on up and coming bands and artists from around the country.

This time around, we make our way to Salinas, CA to meet instrumental rock band Strawberry Girls. Comprised of former Dance Gavin Dance member Zac Garren on guitar, along with Ian Jennings on bass and Ben Rosett on drums, the trio treat you to a performance of their song “Negro Spiritual” from their album, French Ghetto. They also discuss the burgeoning music scene in Salinas, how their album tries to capture their live performance, and the appeal of staying in their hometown rather than moving to a big city.

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