Rock it Out! Blog: December 11th, 2015

This week, the band Kill Hannah join us to discuss the 2016 Grammys, movies coming out on Christmas, and their upcoming hiatus

Welcome, rocker nation, to a brand new episode of Rock it Out! Blog. Every Friday, host Sami Jarroush rounds together an esteemed panel of critics, musicians, and comedians to discuss the week’s biggest headlines.

On this week’s episode, the final one of 2015, the panel consists of Mat Devine, Jonathan Radtke, and Elias Mallin, the vocalist, guitarist, and drummer, respectively, of the band Kill Hannah. We begin by getting the band’s perspective on the 2016 Grammy awards and their importance in today’s age.

They also discuss their own impending hiatus following a pair of farewell shows at Chicago’s Metro on December 18th and 19th (click here to purchase tickets). Finally, they debate the must-see movie coming out on Christmas Day.

Also, comedian Kevin Kellam hits the streets of Chicago to survey the best and worst Christmas songs, and we head to Chicago burger restaurant Kuma’s Corner for a closer look at their Burger of the Month.

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