Rock it Out! Blog: “Disney goes metal!”

Looks like Disney is embracing the dark side and getting into the heavy metal game. As Consequence of Sound reported yesterday, Mastodon is contributing new music to the upcoming Monsters, Inc. sequel, Monsters University, which is set for release next summer. In the spirit of the news, today’s Rock It Out! Blog episode asks what metal bands you think would be a perfect soundtrack for your favorite Disney villains. What riff would blast as Maleficent walks on screen? As Scar roars, what band would drive his growl home?

Also, on today’s episode, Sami gives you a brief tutorial on how to find the hidden Easter egg on Atoms For Peace’s website, tells you which bands are performing at next year’s SXSW, and encourages you to check out some of the Consequence of Sound year-end report for stories, photos, and rookie of the year.

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