Rock it Out! Blog: "Ever Wonder How A Restaurant Creates Its Music Playlist?"

You’re out at a restaurant with your significant other. As you’re about to dig into your plate of penne vodka (Ed. Note: Which is impossible to find in the city of Chicago, btw!), you suddenly stop and contort your face because the song being played over the speakers is awful. You ask your partner, “Why would they play this?!”, and suddenly lose your appetite.

The music being played at restaurants and bars can make for a miserable meal. Chipotle looked to avoid this by banning Radiohead from its establishments. Meanwhile, according to Bon Appetit, artists such as The Black Keys, Fleetwood Mac, The Cure, Kurt Vile, and Beach House are in heavy rotation at many of the nation’s more acclaimed establishments.

How do certain songs and bands get picked to soundtrack your evening out? Today’s Rock it Out! Blog looks to answer that question as Sami talks to Scott McNiece, music curator and owner of Uncanned Music, about the art of creating playlists for your favorite watering hole.

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