Rock it Out! Blog: “Hoo-Butt-Stank!”

Bands endorsing products isn’t a new thing. Beatlemania swept the world in the ’60s, Michael Jackson made his own video game back in the 32-bit era, and KISS released a perfume in the late aughts. Sometimes things get a little out of hand, though, like recently when The Rolling Stones announced they’ll be selling their own brand of skis.

Today’s episode of the Rock it Out! Blog wants to know what products you would buy simply because they’re endorsed by a band. Would you snag a Bon Iver gumball machine? How about an M83-designed Trapper Keeper? Or, what about ice cream by Neil Young called “Cinnamon Swirl”? “The Reason” for this episode is for you to tell us in the comment section.

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