Rock it Out! Blog: “How To Produce a Record With Steve Albini”

We’ve all heard of Rick Rubin, Danger Mouse, and Pharrell Williams. They’re some of the biggest names when it comes to producing music and have possibly worked on some of your favorite albums. But what does “producing” mean? How does one become a producer and what exactly do they do for an album? That’s what we find out on today’s Rock it Out! Blog.

On this episode, Sami visits legendary recording engineer Steve Albini at his Chicago studios Electrical Audio. Former member of Big Black and current leader of Shellac, the musician-producer humbly rocks a resume that includes work for Nirvana, Pixies, PJ Harvey, and Iggy Pop, amongst others.

So, who better to explain the difference between a producer and an engineer, the dos and don’ts of the producing process, and how one might craft an album? Watch as Albini tackles each question and takes us on a behind-the-scenes tour of his trademark recording studio. Future producers and engineers, grab a notepad.

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