Rock it Out! Blog: “How To Start Your Own Vinyl Collection”

Vinyl is the universal language for music nutbars across the world. A collection, however, is a trophy case — a selection of the finest imports curated with a unique set of ears and fueled by a near-crippling addiction. All too often, fanatics burn through time, money, and emotions in search of that “Holy Grail,” whether it’s nixing groceries for a week, bouncing a few checks to one’s landlord, or passing up child support. Of course, these are minor dangers, but now that you’ve been warned, perhaps you’re still interested in starting up a collection?

Rock it Out! Blog is here to help you.

On today’s episode, Sami has roped together Buzzfeed Senior Music Writer Matthew Perpetua, Myke C-Town of Dead End Hip Hop, and Anthony Fantano of The Needle Drop to discuss how one dives into this madness. Find out what kind of turntable is best when you’re starting out, which genres sound better on vinyl, whether or not a 180-gram pressing of a record is important, and the three records that should kick off your collection.

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