Rock it Out! Blog: “Kid A Is Radiohead’s Tastiest Album”

radiohead kid a

If you had to create a dinner inspired by your favorite album, what would you put on the menu? In the case of Detroit based chef, Kyle Hanley, he created a 10-course-meal paired with tracks on Radiohead‘s classic album Kid A. Hanley is hosting this dinner on Wednesday, February 19th at Detroit’s Elizabeth Theater and, at $125 a plate, all of the tickets have sold out. So what inspired this chef to come up with 10 different plates based on what could be the band’s most complex album?

On today’s Rock it Out! Blog, Sami catches up with Hanley to talk about his culinary endeavor. They discuss the inspiration behind creating this dinner, why certain songs are being paired with certain dishes, and whether or not Hanley plans to do more of these dinners in the future.

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