Rock it Out! Blog: “Madison Rising: America’s Most Patriotic Rock Band?”

We try not to mix music and politics on the Rock it Out! Blog, but we made a special exception for today’s episode. Recently, host Sami Jarroush caught up with Dave Bray, a military veteran and lead singer of Madison Rising, who have been called America’s Most Patriotic Rock Band. You may know them best as the band behind the theme song for Sarah Palin’s new show, Amazing America.

Madison Rising also received a bit of notoriety for their performance of the Star Spangled Banner at the Daytona 500 which was criticized by some for being too over the top. Bray talks to Sami about the performance, what it’s like to be a conservative rock band, their attempt to perform at Occupy Wall Street, having their music used to torture prisoners, and why conservatism needs an upgrade.

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