Rock it Out! Blog: “Music and Video Games: A Love Story”

As our friends at Consequence of Sound have argued, video games and music are now intrinsically tied together. Not only have soundtracks for Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy become as synonymous as the game themselves, blockbuster franchises such as Grand Theft Auto and NBA 2k14 are pouring thousands into scoring exclusive content and song premieres.

On today’s Rock it Out! Blog, Sami explores the increasing convergence of gaming and music and its impact with two experts, Sascha Dikiciyan (a.k.a. Sonic Mayhem), composer of massive titles like Mass Effect 3Dead Rising 3and Borderlands, and Dr. Siu-Lan Tan, associate professor of psychology at Michigan’s Kalamazoo College and editor of The Psychology of Music in Multimedia.

Together, they discuss video game music’s impact on a player’s mental state, the comparison between game soundtracks and film soundtracks, and why newer soundtracks have made such a distinctive cultural impact compared to other, more classic titles. You’ll want to put down the 360 controller for this one.

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