Rock it Out! Blog: “OK Computer Celebrates Its Sweet 16”


OK Computer was born a legend. Thom, Phil, Jonny, Ed, and Colin wrote an album that stood in the face of the classic rock that came before it and led the charge to all of the 21st century music that would come after it. It was born timeless, rooted in Brit-rock of the ’90s, but actually trying to climb on top of the cresting wave of technology. It would eventually topple all over Radiohead, and all of the mobiles quirking and chirping would inspire their 2000 album Kid A.

But in 1997, these 12 songs came unadulterated into the world, sad and lonely, angry and political, and, of course, paranoid. The guitars shimmered, Thom’s voice soared, and a Macintosh Text-to-Speak program got to sing lead vocals on “Fitter Happier”. Nothing sounded like it then, and nothing sounds like it now — 16 years later. Happy Birthday, OK Computer.

-Jeremy Larson
Managing Editor

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