Rock it Out! Blog: “RiO!Backstage – Slim’s”

There’s more to a music venue than what you see on stage, which is why the Rock it Out! Blog takes you behind the scenes of the best independent music venues from around the country in an original video series called RiO!Backstage.

We return to San Francisco on today’s episode for an in-depth look inside Slim’s. Founded by legendary musician Boz Scaggs in the city’s SOMA district in 1988, the venue has hosted some of music’s biggest names over the years; everyone from Radiohead to Foo Fighters to Prince. On the other nights, upstart local acts get time under the spotlight. But how exactly does it all go down? How does the venue book its talent, prepare for a show, and make sure attendees have an optimal experience? Join us as we go behind the scenes.

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