Rock it Out! Blog: “The Rules to Buying and Owning a Band T-Shirt”

We’ve all seen them; that person wearing the vintage looking Ramones t-shirt. The only thing is, upon asking the person what their favorite album by said band is, they reply with “Oh, I don’t like them. I just like the shirt.” This can be quite the pet peeve of music fans who wear band t-shirts because they actually like the artist displayed on their chest.

On today’s Rock it Out! Blog, Sami speaks with Isac Walter of the website Walter is best known for wearing 1,000 different band shirts over 1,000 days and documenting it all on the site. The two discuss why Walter decided to start the site, how his love for band t-shirts came about, and the rules and etiquette for buying and wearing band t-shirts. Be sure to check your wardrobe after viewing today’s episode.

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