Rock it Out! Blog: “Turn Your Ashes Into A Vinyl Record!”

When you die, barring any special addendums to your will, you’re probably going to be either buried or cremated. (Oh, how I mourn the foregone days of funeral pyres!) But why go out like some commoner, rotting in the ground like so much worm food or having your urn occupy precious mantle space? Why not ensure your earthly remains actually serve some greater purpose (sans science) by getting them pressed into a vinyl record.

On today’s Rock it Out! Blog, Sami talks with Jason Leach, the CEO of And Vinyly, a company that specializes in letting the deceased “live on from beyond the grave” in the form of a 12-inch. The pair discuss the in’s and out’s of the process (the cost, the various requirements, and how the pressing actually works), plus what content can fill your vinyl record and just what kinds of people people are forgoing the River Styx to spend eternity as a Styx album. Have those last will and testaments on standby just in case.

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