Rock it Out! Blog: “We Watched The Grammys So You Wouldn’t Have To”

What’s the best way to make watching the Grammys tolerable? Well, for the Rock it Out! Blog’s Sami Jarroush and Consequence of Sound’s Jeremy Larson, that would be drinking and filming their reactions. Today’s episode finds the duo offering up their reactions to the winners and losers of the “biggest night in music” — the moment it happened.

Laugh, cry, and share your reactions, too, in the comment section below. Some questions to ponder: Did your favorite band win? Did they lose? Were they even nominated? Go ahead and vent, we’re here for you.

In case you were all wrapped up in the return of The Walking Dead and didn’t even watch the Grammys, you can see a full list of winners here and replay the various performances here.

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